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Metaphysical Purpose- Hip Pains

The following is a list of emotional causes that can lead to hip pains and issues.

  • Anger at parents.

  • Conflict between moving forward and holding on.

  • Anxiety.

  • Fear.

  • Fear of making major decisions.

  • Concerns about your life purpose.

  • Fear of intimacy.

  • Holding on to past hurt.

  • Withdrawing energy from a person or relationship.

  • Feeling as though you are on shaky ground.

  • Feeling insecure.

  • Feeling useless.

  • Wanting to move away from a person or situation.

  • Carrying too much emotional weight for others.

  • Finding it hard to be independent.Feel as though you have nothing to look forward to.

  • Feeling a lack of physical and/or emotional support.

  • Resistance to current experiences.

  • Fear of moving forward in life, career, relationship.

  • Fear of the future.

  • Fear of change.

  • Inability to let go of the past.

  • Feeling unable to stand alone.

  • Financial Fear.

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