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Build Confidence By Choosing It

Confidence is not something you can directly acquire. Attempting to boost confidence can sometimes backfire, leading to increased anxiety and insecurity.

Perhaps a different approach to building confidence is necessary. Instead of doing more, consider doing less of certain things. Perception is everything. And choice is the only option. The key is you must choose to be happy and confident.

I often work with individuals struggling with low confidence and self-esteem. I, myself, have had a past filled with struggles with my own self-esteem. This gives me unique insights into the patterns and behaviors that contribute to these issues.

I am the type of human who loves to study myself and other's. I care less about what is done then I do about why it was done. I am also the type to play guinnea pig on myself, I like to personally test ideas on myself first before ever trying on another person. Because then I can be confident in my observations.

For example, seeking reassurance can provide temporary relief from anxiety, but it ultimately reinforces insecurity in the long term.

Similarly, worrying about things beyond our control and dwelling on past mistakes can diminish our confidence and well-being. It can create limiting beliefs and negative self-awareness.

Relying solely on emotions to make decisions can also degrade our confidence, as it may lead us to act contrary to our true moral code. Emotions are fluid and transient, but actions are permanent and irreversible.

To improve confidence, it's crucial to acknowledge and address these habits, focusing on eliminating them rather than solely seeking external validation.

So sometimes people feel low self-confidence because of poor choices or mistakes that they have made in the past or in the current moment.

For these situations I like to ask myself this: did I screw up? If the answer is yes, then: can I fix it? If the answer is yes, then fix it. If I ask myself this: did I screw up? and the answer is no, then let go of any blame or guilt. I then ask myself: can I fix it? If the answer is no, then adapt it, accept it, or avoid it.

Too often people carry around so many past regrets that they have no more room to pick up any lessons. And, even more often, people are carrying around the baggage of somebody else's choices not their own. Life is simple- you make choices and you don't look back. The only way to change anything from the past is to change the perception of how it affected you. There is no benefit from keeping yourself weighed down with burden and regret when you could be transforming yourself with lessons and experience.

-AmberEnergy Healer

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