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Shadow Archetype Quiz

Here's a short quiz to help you determine which archetypes you resonate with the most. Keep track of your answers and see which archetypes align with your responses at the end.

  1. When faced with a challenge, I am most likely to: a) Step up and take charge. b) Offer support and help others. c) Seek wisdom and guidance. d) Find a clever or unconventional solution.

  2. My approach to relationships can be described as: a) Passionate and intense. b) Nurturing and caring. c) Mentoring and guiding. d) Spontaneous and unpredictable.

  3. In my free time, I enjoy: a) Engaging in physical activities or sports. b) Creating or participating in artistic endeavors. c) Expanding my knowledge through reading or learning. d) Seeking new adventures and exploring different places.

  4. When faced with rules or authority, I tend to: a) Challenge or question them if they don't seem fair. b) Respect and follow them to maintain harmony. c) Seek a deeper understanding of their purpose. d) Find ways to bend or break them if they limit my freedom.

  5. My friends would describe me as: a) Bold and courageous. b) Compassionate and empathetic. c) Wise and insightful. d) Playful and unpredictable.

  6. I am most motivated by: a) Achieving personal success and overcoming obstacles. b) Creating meaningful connections and helping others. c) Acquiring knowledge and understanding the world. d) Embracing change and seeking new experiences.

  7. When faced with a setback, I am most likely to: a) Persevere and find a way to turn it around.

Now, count the number of times you chose each letter:

  • A: _______

  • B: _______

  • C: _______

  • D: _______

The archetype(s) with the highest number of responses will give you an indication of the archetypes that resonate with you the most.

Here are some common archetypes associated with each letter:

  • A: Hero, Rebel, Warrior.

  • B: Caregiver, Lover, Artist.

  • C: Sage, Teacher, Philosopher.

  • D: Trickster, Explorer, Adventurer.

(Remember that this quiz is just a starting point and not an exact science. Archetypes are complex, and you may resonate with multiple archetypes or have your unique blend. Use this as a guide to explore further and deepen your understanding of yourself. Enjoy the process of discovering your archetypal influences!)

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