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Energy Healing Session

Reiki or energy ealing session. Distance. Can address any issue.

  • 30 minutes
  • 30 US dollars
  • Online Zoom Webcam Call

Service Description

Reiki science states that the energy healing process works by channeling positive energy, moving it from outside the body to inside it. This energy is directed by the location of the hands, allowing the practitioner to spread energy to the places where it's needed. While the movement of this energy is impossible to measure, it is felt in an unmistakable way by those who are attuned to it. Some describe this as a movement of life force. This term nicely captures the feeling of intense and immediate release of stress and alleviation of tension that many people feel after receiving Reiki. In particular, studies show that chronic pain suffers are among those who are most likely to report quick and noticeable results. To understand how Reiki works, it's important not only to understand the principle of energy transfer but also to note that there are different techniques. Practitioners use different hand positions and movements, including infusing, smoothing the aura, beaming, and clearing. Each of these techniques is associated with unique benefits.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for services will not be refunded unless the individual is able to cancel within 24 hours of booking the service. All others will be rescheduled at a more suitable time. Any reschedules must be prior to one (12) hours before the session. Because I leave my available work hours open to 24hrs for customer convenience, sometimes a session gets booked while I am sleeping. If you are choosing to book same-day sessions then please be aware that the session may be subject to rescheduling. It is advised that you speak with me per chat box, email, text message to confirm your booking. Any in the rare chance this does occur, you will be able to reschedule your session at your earliest convenience as a priority booking. You may also call (909)324-2369 to alert me to our session if it appears to have not been confirmed. (It will not bother me, I understand the urgency and have no intention of missing your session)

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